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Admissions Process


All students in grades K-8 are given placement in Family of Christ Christian School on the philosophy of developmental placement.  Screening is done by Family of Christ teachers who are trained in administration and interpretation of grade equivalencies.  Kindergarten and 1st Grade students must meet the State standards of reaching the age of five by September 1st for placement into Kindergarten and the age of six by September 1st for placement in the first grade.  Decisions for placement are the sole responsibility of Family of Christ Christian School.  Family of Christ Christian School admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin.

The following are some common questions regarding our screening process:

What is developmental placement? 

Developmental placement is the concept that children should start school and be subsequently promoted on the basis of their development age rather than their chronological age. Chronological age is merely the number of days a child has lived since birth. Developmental age is the physical, neurological, social, emotional, and intellectual growth changes which have occurred within a particular child. These are unique to the child and make him/her different from every other child. All children mature at slightly different rates and their developmental ages may not correspond with their chronological ages.

Developmental age and success in school

To be successful in school, a child needs to have school readiness. School readiness requires much more than just learning. It involves possessing the developmental abilities with which to cope with a structured school situation and learn at the same time. School success is based on the child’s developmental age and chronological age, intelligence, reading ability, or previous learning experiences.

How can I help my child? 

You as a parent can do many things for your child. Love and nurturing are very important. Educational stimulation, tutoring, and pre-school can support and enhance growth. What you as a parent cannot do is change your child’s rate of maturation. Maturation is controlled chiefly by genetic and constitutional factors.

The goal of Family of Christ Christian School 

The first few years of a child’s school experience are extremely important to his/her future. The course is set. We want to give each child the best start on their educational journey. We want each child to be successful, happy, and able to maximize his/her potential. When children are forced into situations for which they are not ready, we inhibit their chances of becoming the whole persons God meant them to be. 

What if my child is not ready for Family of Christ Kindergarten?

As a parent, you can give your child the gift of time to mature. The child who goes to school before being developmentally ready is called an overplaced child. These children do not catch up with their peers. Teaching, tutoring, and training won’t make overplaced children developmentally ready. They don’t get the opportunity to maximize their full potential in all areas of development.


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