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Knights Characteristic Award

Knights Awards

Family of Christ Christian School developed Christian Characteristics traits based on our KNIGHTS mascot. Each month we encourage and incorporate a Characteristic trait in our curriculum, the school environment and chapel. The last chapel of the month, one student is selected from each grade, Kindergarten from Eighth Grade, as the student that most emulates that trait. The month of May, all characteristics are reviewed and one student from each class is selected that demonstrates all of the seven character traits. The selection process is always a difficult one, as most of our students make a continuing effort to live up to the expectations of the KNIGHTS in their daily lives. Those chosen to be representative of their grade are both honored and humbled - always mindful of their witness to others.

Kindness: compassionate and sympathetic towards others (September)
Noble: high standards, moral, self-sacrificing (October)
Inspirational: an inspiring or positive influence (November)
Generous: freely giving or sharing of oneself (January)
Honest: free from deception, trustful, genuine, real, credible (February)
Thoughtful: careful thinking and considerate of others (March)
Self-Confident: self-trust, reliance, assurance, boldness (April)

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